Let’s build a bookshop!

In this tutorial we will build a book store using Strolch. This book store will be without a UI, but we will do everything using REST APIs, which should make it easy to add a UI later using whatever framework suits one most.

The book store will have the following features:

  • The store owner can add, update and remove books
  • The store owner can edit the stock quantity
  • Users can view a list of books
  • Users can add books to a virtual cart
  • Users can create and verify an account using an e-mail address
  • Users can submit an order for the books in their cart
  • The store owner can see the orders by state (pending, preparing, sent)
  • The store owner can update the state of an order (preparing, sent)
  • Notify the user when the order is sent

The code to the book can be downloaded from GitHub and will be updated as this tutorial is updated.

The tutorial consists of the following parts: