Main Class App

Creating a Strolch App

The following shows the maven command to create the new maven project using Strolch’s main maven archetype. Note that you should replace the placeholders in the brackets:

Note: you need to have the Strolch Maven archetypes installed to your local maven repo, otherwise the following command will fail.

mvn archetype:generate \
  -DarchetypeGroupId=li.strolch \
  -DarchetypeArtifactId=strolch.mvn.archetype.main \
  -DarchetypeVersion=0.1.0-SNAPSHOT \
  -DgroupId=<my.groupid> \
  -DartifactId=<my-artifactId> \
  -Dversion=<my.version> \
  -DappName="<my app name>"

You change into the directory of the new project and then build the project by calling:

cd <my-artifactId>
mvn clean package

Start the program using:

mvn exec:java

Happy coding =))