Strolch 1.8.5 and PLC 1.2.2 are out

Strolch 1.8.5 and PLC 1.2.2 are out

JDK 17 ready!

Unbelievable, but the entire 1.7.x branch was never blogged about or deployed to Maven. We did do quite a few releases of the Java 11 version, but never got around to releasing to Maven.

Now we have released the 1.8.x branch of Strolch and deployed to Maven Central.

The 1.8.x branch requires JDK 17, but is still on Tomcat 9.x. We will create a new branch for Tomcat 10.x and release that at a later date.

We also just released the Strolch PLC 1.2.x branch. This branch uses Strolch 1.8.x and is production ready.

So, Strolch 1.8.5 is out the door, go ahead and try it out.