Release of Strolch 1.6.100

Release of Strolch 1.6.100

The 100. Strolch release of the 1.6 branch and a brand new website!

Ok, so Maven doesn’t exactly have 100 releases on it, but even though we have been quiet on public releases, Strolch has seen many refactorings, fixes, new features etc. over the past three years of its last release.

Some notable changes:

  • I18n Support for StrolchExceptions.
  • Better performance for reports on large joins.
  • Move to JDK 11+.
  • Refactoring to use of Java 9 LocalDateTime and ZonedDateTime where applicable.
  • Added Controllers for better execution handling.
  • Significantly simplified the methods to change the model.
  • Simpler methods to retrieve relationship entities.
  • Updated most libraries to their latest versions.
  • Added a DataArchiveHandler to archive entities.
  • Added require password change feature, and storing of login and password change history
  • LDAP integration
  • Added session keep alive
  • Search expression simplifications
  • New TextParameter for when persisting large values with whitespace and special characters
  • Basic Auth for REST APIs, if no UI needed for scripting
  • Many additional fixes, tweaks and helper functions

Another new addition to the Strolch family is Strolch PLC. The Strolch PLC code allows one to use the same model but on a device acting as a soft PLC, e.g. a Raspberry Pi. This PLC code can then communicate using WebSockets with a Strolch instance, having quite seamless interaction with Activities which really shows the potential of using Strolch’s model in the shop floor.

We’ve been running the Strolch PLC in a mission critical shop floor application to control conveyors which are filled by a dispensing robot.

So, Strolch 1.6.100 is out the door, go ahead and try it out.