Strolch now on Maven Central

Strolch now on Maven Central

Release Version 1.3.0 released and deployed to Maven Central

We have released a new version of Strolch so that you can now go and use the the latest features in Strolch.

Further we have now deployed Strolch to Maven Central, so it is easier than ever to use Strolch in your projects. No need to download first or use a special repository - just define the dependencies as you would any other dependency.

Some of the new features:

  • Marshallers for JSON
  • Versioning built into Strolch
  • Implemented password reset API for Privilege
  • New Component MailHandler
  • New ToFlatJsonVisitor for simple marshalling in REST APIs
  • Added CRUD Commands and Services for Activities
  • Further additional bugfixes

Strolch has also been moved to another organisation on GitHub, so if you’re compiling Strolch from source, please update your GIT remote configurations.

Have fun using the latest and greatest version of Strolch!