Versioning of objects

Versioning of objects

Opt-In versioning of objects

A major new feature has landed in Strolch. Now, using opt-in, it is possible to have all changes to the object model be versioned. This means that any change to Order, Resource or Activity is automatically versioned and one can then revert to this version later on.

This will make it far easier to implement undo operations in applications since it is an inherent part of the lifecycle of objects in Strolch.

Since Strolch is supposed to be used also in small footprint hardware, this option is opt-in.

A side affect of this new feature is that we have for the time being not ported the XML persistence layer. If this is required, then someone drop us a note and we’ll check on it.

So now go ahead and add <enableVersioning>true</enableVersioning> to your Realm so that versioning is enabled.