Strolch Release 1.0.0

Strolch Release 1.0.0

Finally Version 1.0.0 of Strolch has been released and can be downloaded immediately.

Before 1.0.0 could be released, some major changes were decided, all driven by the first big project using Strolch as its underlying stack. Those changes were minor, and really major, but should make Strolch better and was important for the first release.

Here is a list of the most interesting changes:

  • Java 8 - Strolch was ported to Java 8. This gives a lot of cool features: The stream API, lambdas, the new time API, etc.
  • TX refactoring: Strolch transactions are instances of Closeable so that they are closed using a try-with-resource block in Java7. The change that was required was to not auto commit. Now a TX is read-only and one has to set the auto commit as the last statement. See this commit for more information.
  • Added a tx.flush() to allow an implementation to flush part of a transaction, this feature is vital to perform parts of a transaction before deciding if the TX should be committed.
  • Fixed the issue where data store mode CACHED performed TRANSACTIONAL queries, instead of staying in-memory.
  • ParameterSelection.stringListSelection() uses a StringMatchMode instead of just equals()
  • ParameterSelection.dateRangeSelection() uses a DateRange instead of just equals()
  • Added the MigrationsHandler to use to perform code migrations of production data bases where data shouldn’t go lost.
  • And many more…

Strolch 1.1.0 is already in development and can also be downloaded from the download page. Here you can see the current change list on GitHub. For instance heavy work has been done to implement privilege management by adding a REST API. Looking forward to a wonderful next Strolch release.